Welcome All!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I should begin with a welcome message, don't you guys think?

Firstly, welcome! :o)  My name is Brittany and this is a blog that will be discussing all the projects I've got in store and/or am working on, every idea that hits my over-buzzing mind, ways that I spend the money I make from selling my items (you'll find that it's actually practical), and-and-and-and... insight into the artist's mind?  Perhaps ;-)

If you must know about me, the actual self, I am a 21-year-old wife living in South Dakota, much thanks to the United States Air Force for that.  Originally born in Ipswich, England, I was the daughter of a pastor in the USAF who decided to get out and as a family we made our merry way back to the States when I was 3.  From the age of 3 until about 10 I lived and derive most of my personality from Cleveland, Ohio.  My father's job ended up moving us to Jacksonville, Florida where I remained until marrying my wonderful, handsome, loving husband who is in the USAF.

Even though hubby (dear husband/DH, I refer to him as) was mostly raised suburbian/country, and I was more city/suburbian, we've both been raised with old fashioned morals which allows me to be a stay at home wife (I actually LIKE the occupational title of housewife, thank you!) and coddle and clean.  Coddle the animals, I mean.  Not the home.

Speaking of the little furry fuzz balled devils...

Audrey is my Yorkshire Terrier and I received her for my graduation from high school gift.  She's my pride and joy :o)  Hehe.  I adore her immensely.  Luckily, she is never experienced a bad life.

Emma is our first animal as a couple.  I rescued her from the Black Hills Humane Society in 2007 upon first moving to South Dakota.  We don't really know what type of cat she is, but we're more than sure there's some bit of Siamese in there as she's VERY vocal!  Emma is now a diva, but very much a tomboy at heart.  Currently she is attempting to discover how she can stand on top of the ceiling.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Harriet is our rescue kitty.  We're not quite sure how old she is, but we'd wager alongside her vet that she's 6-8 months old.  Harriet is the newbie in the home.  One night my DH and I were standing in our garage when a stray kitty came up meowing like crazy to us.  We're used to outdoor cats living on base, so we just said hello and expected she'd run away like all the rest. OH BUT NO.  She ran up to us, very funnily, as she can't run very fast and look normal, and rubbed her bean head on our knees (at this time we were crouching to pet her) and nearly got on her own little knees and begged us for attention.  It was dark, so we had not seen it until I pet her on the neck and felt a huge 2"x2" gash on the back of her dainty little neck.  Immediately we knew that we had to take her in - if not to just care for her until a new owner.  However, she quickly grew on us (say... 1 hour, lol) and we decided to keep her.

As newlyweds, and in the military, we do not make a lot of money.  We live comfortably (though this city girl has had to SERIOUSLY restrain herself from shopping.  period. at all!) but bringing in another animal into the home was dangerously pushing the paycheck.  

After many days and a few appointments later, Harriet is fairly healthy.  She's gained a considerable amount of weight (at her age she was only 5 lbs.) and is slowly learning to play with Audrey and Emma.  She's quite the cuddle bug and loves to lounge all day and attempt to eat absolutely anybody and everybody's food.  She doesn't care who it is, what you're eating, or how much you tell her no... she wants it badly, lol.

Onto the bit about my shop! :)  

On this website - that is absolutely fantastic - called Etsy, I sell my products made from crocheting.  Now don't stop reading because you immediately get a granny picture in your head twiddling up doilies and such.  No, this ain't yo' grannies crochet, I assure you.  Visual stimuli is muchly needed for many members of modern society who do not believe it, so have a look at my very own shop called Blue Wings at http://bluewings.etsy.com.  You'll love it, I assure you :)