Creative Christmas

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas is always fun, but I was especially ecstatic this year with anticipation. Unlike in my childhood, this anticipation came from giving my mother a crocheted nativity set. I wasn't as thrilled with the outcome, then again am I ever?! :)

Thankfully I had come up with the idea of making my cousin's little girl a look alike doll. Steadily I worked on The Claire Doll before the 1st of January (her birthday). Fortunately I also received a wholesale order for The Claire Doll because the lady thought it was so cute! :) Of course this makes me so happy, and I do hope that other little girls enjoy the doll thoroughly.

Other new items have kept me busy as well. I would love to start a new Eco-Friendly line of household items and perhaps one day fashion! (*gasp* yes, I'm studying how to actually make clothing!) So for now Etsy is only embellished with two of my Eco-Friendly items. The bath set (with a free pouf!) and the washcloths. I'm working on some beautiful yellow ones for the springtime, which are fantastically soft!

There's a few more orders I've got to work on, so I really must be going. I do hope you visit the store in time for spring!

- Brittany