Fuschia Debut

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I believe it's about time for a bit of an update, as I've pretty much left any readers stranded after the welcome message, lol.  

Of course I will always be obsessed with making amigurumi, but my newfound love is the sewing machine my mama passed down to me when I got married.  Purses, aprons, pillows, dresses, skirts... I'm attempting them all!  I love it, and I have recently been incorporating them into two new purse designs which are being sold on my Etsy shop.  
I absolutely love that fuschia purse. I really do. 
 It's hard for me to put it up for sale, but oh I must!  After purchasing my husband's birthday gift, I'm determined to at least pay for half of it (can't tell ya in case you tell him! :P)

I'd show you the other picture, however it's a surprise gift for my mama and I could see her browsing over to the blog and having a look at it before she opens it in a few days!

Today I'll be working on an Alchemy order for leg warmers for a Chihuahua.  I imagine they'll work up quickly since their legs are precious and tiny!

Did a wonderful trade off with Etsy seller ZenDesignStudios.  I made her (and her daughter) Agatha's Celebration in trade of a business logo (see it decking the blog?) and business cards which I'm ECSTATIC to see!  Connie does an absolutely excellent job at computer designing, and I completely recommend her to anybody looking for logos, cards, or help with revamping your 'sites.

In other news, Harriet is... not okay.  Waiting on test results today for her, erm... poo-poo.  Excessive diarrhea has us terribly worried, and thus have resulted in locking her into the upstairs bathroom so she doesn't possibly infect our dog and other cat.  

Until next time, have a wonderful day and go look at my shop for some wonderful Christmas gifts :)