The Good Kind of Busy

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm REALLY happy because I was accepted as a member into the Etsy Hookers Team :) They seem like a great bunch of girls to chat up with, and I cannot wait to be able to sit down and fiddle more on their website.

The past few days have been really busy. Hubby has decided that this is the month we fix up our cars. We're preparing the way in case a new baby comes along soon :) Today we picked up his car after it had a look over by Chevy, and I have to schedule an appointment for mine in Denver - a 5-6 hour drive :( It'll be a day thing, but I'm not looking forward to it at all. In any case, tomorrow we get our windshields replaced after the rocks from the wretched South Dakota winds decided to rampage our glass. Finally - to drive without a huge crack!

The winner of Mama's Little Monkey's blog giveaway was Etsy user CreateMeACanvas! :) She has ordered a custom monkey standing at 15" tall when finished. I've begun working on it and am excited to send it off to her!

Unfortunately because we've been so busy (but good busy) I haven't had time to create anything new, except for the winner's monkey. I hope all is well in crochet land!

- Brittany


The Former Idealist said...

Ah, so that explains the twitter comment about the windshields...I do not miss those blasted winds!